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The Robotics Wiki was created on June 17th, 2017 by user Dark9771! . The original purpose of this wiki was to gather repair info on Aibo robots. Sony had ended support for Aibo in 2006, and slowly information and communities started to disappear.

Goals of the wiki[edit]

  1. To document the design and development of robots
  2. To extend the life time of certain models of robots
  3. To find homes for robots that are considered obsolete
  4. To foster better communication between the communities that support certain models of robots

Plan for expansion[edit]

  1. Gather design data for replacement parts (3D models, schematics, software, etc.)
  2. Start creating replacement parts
  3. Create physical location for lab
  4. Start designing and creating new robots
  5. Open up museum

Reverse-engineering priorities[edit]

  1. ERS-110/111 battery circuit board [high gain but challenging]